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Storm Damage

Storm Damaged Trees - Tree Hazards


Storms and strong winds can damage all types of trees, no matter their age. The strong winds can whip trees back and forth or twist them causing branches or trunks to fail. After damaging storms, injured trees should be examined carefully and treated appropriately.

Maintenance of a tree over its lifetime can impact on the effects storm damage will have on the trees. Trees that have been neglected are likely to sustain injuries. Trees that have been incorrectly pruned are often damaged by strong storms and winds.

Evaluating a damaged tree


After a storm, carefully block off the area where the damage has occurred. For safety reasons, please call us to handle the tree cutting repairs. We will examine the tree to assess the type of injury or the extent of the damage. We will then perform our tree cutting service on the broken limbs or tree damage, clean up the debris and then begin initiating the tree repair.

We understand that in these situations, the safety and protection of people and property are the most important consideration.

Contact us today and we will carefully inspect the tree and begin our tree cutting service for all trees in Rockingham, Mandurah and the Peel Region. You can also click the buttons below to proceed.

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