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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning by Qualified Arborists


A well maintained tree is what we want you to have! A tree protects you from the sun, a tree hangs your swing, a tree is carrying your children as they climb the branches, and most importantly a tree makes your garden look beautiful. It’s a valuable asset that must be maintained.

We love to protect our Western Australian wildlife! As such Branching Out Tree Care observes an Environmental Policy that aims to protect and conserve trees, vegetation and the animals that use them as habitat.

Our fully certified arborists provide tree pruning services in Rockingham, Mandurah, Pinjarra, Waroona and the Peel Region. We respond to emergency and casual call outs promptly, and our arborists are certified to trim trees near power lines. Our tree pruning team are experts in confined space tree pruning and maintenance and offer tree removal or tree lopping for tree limbs hanging over houses or buildings.

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Our Tree Pruning services include:


❍ Clear branches away from power lines, buildings,

❍ Roofs, chimneys, windows

❍ Shape shrubs and bushes

❍ Reduce leaf drops

❍ Remove dead or damaged branches

❍ Remove seed pods from palm trees

❍ Remove fronds & frond skirts from palm trees

❍ Crown reducing and Crown lifting

❍ Eliminate branches that are rubbing together or rubbing on buildings

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