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22 Aug 2019

Local Tree Profile

In this blog series, we look at the indigenous trees in the Peel/Bindjareb region. This month we profile the Marri, or Corymbia calophylla.The common name...

16 Apr 2019

Working around Mandurah

Did you know that the City of Mandurah has established a Significant Tree Register? The aim of the register is protect valuable local trees. Anybody can no...

28 Mar 2019

Trees and your home

Many of us read news stories with tragic events relating to storm damaged trees. Whether it is tree branches falling on top of people, or freak accidents i...

21 Mar 2019

Arboriculture Industry News

Uncoil your ropes and get your climbing pants on - it’s nearly time for the WA Tree Climbing Championships in Perth. This annual event is presented by the...

18 Mar 2019

Arboriculture Industry News

Arboriculture Australia has developed and are now launching the Australian Arborist Industry Licence. It seeks to have our industry regulated in much the s...

25 Feb 2019

Trees and your home

Over spring and summer many native and exotic trees have put on a growth spurt and may require cutting back. About once annually, Western Power will assess...

18 Feb 2019

Working around Mandurah

Last Friday the crew at Branching Out Tree Care joined forces with Pete’s Treeworx to remove 3 large palms near Mandurah’s Atrium Hotel near Dolphin Quay....

11 Feb 2019

Trees and your home

It finally began to heat up last week and many of you may have noticed your plants and trees showing signs of heat stress. Whatever you are growing, it is...