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Benefits of Mature Trees

street trees

At Branching Out Tree Care, we love trees! There are many benefits of having mature trees in your neighbourhood, such as:

- Improved air quality - Trees absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen.
- Reducing traffic noise - Leafy trees create a buffer between streets and houses.
- Better communities - On tree-lined streets, vehicles drive slower and residents walk more.
- Value adding - Mature trees lining a street have been shown to increase property values.

Trees make a significant contribution to the presentation of streetscapes, both environmentally and aesthetically. Trees create green spaces that in turn positively affect the wellbeing of residents. For this reason, it is not generally permitted to remove trees for the purpose of reducing leaf litter or improving views.

Of course, mature trees should only be pruned by a qualified arborist, both for safety and to ensure the tree remains attractive and of sound structure. Local councils generally prune trees on the public verge for power line clearance once annually, and other trees as required.

Did you know you that you can request a tree to be planted on the verge if you don’t have one? There are a wide range of species to choose from, but consideration must be given to verge width, overhead power lines pedestrians and vehicle movements. Watering and establishing the tree will be your responsibility once it’s installed - check your local council’s website for more details.

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