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Holistic Tree Management


One of the main reasons our suburbs are losing their leafy coverings is private land-owners removing trees. Think about whether it may be a better idea to prune your tree instead, then use the by-product (mulch) to benefit other parts of your garden. If you have space, plant a native Australian tree — or better yet a species indigenous to your area. Not only will the tree use less water and already be suited to our climate, you will be rewarded with shade, beauty and a back drop of bird-song for years to come.

In some areas of the Peel/Bindjareb region, vacant lots with protected mature trees are being purchased by families who create their home designs around these denizens — reaping the rewards of shade qualities, aesthetic value and habitat for wild life in their future years. We need to wind back the ideas of trees being a nuisance for their leaves dropping or shading our solar panels, and work with nature instead of against it — aiming to coexist with the environment.

The team at Branching Out Tree Care believe that a holistic approach to tree management is the best way to practise arboriculture in the modern landscape. Of course, it will sometimes be necessary or unavoidable to remove trees. Trees may outgrow the area in which they were planted, or become hazardous due to damage or decline. Trees must be removed for many reasons, including on development sites, though it is preferred to retain them for their many benefits such as cooling the urban environment and improving soil retention.

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