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Spring Pruning

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  • Seasonal pruning doesn’t only make your garden look good, it also provides year-round plant protection. Those of us with trees may notice they have increased in size significantly from last year, and often mature trees need professional maintenance.

    There are many reasons to prune trees including:

    - To allow air and light to penetrate the canopy
    - To promote flower and fruit production
    - To balance shape and control size (especially important in smaller gardens)
    - To reduce the risk of disease and pest attack

    In most cases it is better to prune deciduous trees before they come into full leaf. Less volume for the arborist to remove makes it more economical and removing the dormant buds encourages the growth of the remaining parts of the tree. Because plants at this time of year are actively growing, pruning wounds heal faster. Spring pruning is also helpful in controlling excessive growth in evergreen trees, and dead or decaying branches can be removed at the same time

    Australian natives such as grevillea, banksia and melaleuca respond better if pruned towards the end of the year. That way you can experience their spring flowers before you give them the chop! We recommend taking about a third off all the way around to promote vigour and encourage next year’s flowers.

    For a free tree pruning quote, get in touch with a qualified arborist from Branching Out Tree Care.