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Stump Grinding Questions Answered

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Why should I remove a stump?

There are many reasons to grind a stump - eliminating regrowth, removing a tripping hazard, reducing the risk of termites, ease of lawn mowing and generally improving your garden’s appearance.

I don’t have very good access, can you get your stump grinder into my yard?

Our smallest machine has a width of 750 mm, so fit through most gates. We have transported our stump grinder down stairs to grind palm stumps in the canals, had it lifted over stone walls with a HIAB crane and even once laid down carpet mats to drive it through a client’s home.

How deep does the stump need to be ground?

100 mm below ground level is usually sufficient, and up to 300 mm is possible.

How can I be sure the stump won’t grow back?

Stump grinding removes the parts of the tree below ground which are essential for the tree to live. Occasionally a vigorous species may reshoot from small piece left in the ground. We guarantee our professional services so will return and remove at no extra charge.

Can I plant a new tree once the old stump is gone?

Yes, please do! There will be no competition from the old roots left behind, as they will slowly rot away.

How much does stump grinding cost?

As with most tree-related costs it depends on the diameter, species of tree and ease of access for the stump grinder. The majority of stumps fall into the $150 to $300 range.