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Tree Trimming Near Power Lines


Over spring and summer many native and exotic trees have put on a growth spurt and may require cutting back. About once annually, Western Power will assess trees on private and public land with regards to proximity to power lines. Their guidelines state that “the basic rule for the most common situation in urban areas is that vegetation needs to be kept at least two metres clear to the side, and below of electricity conductors of distribution power lines. Vegetation should not overhang the conductors.”

Yellow ribbons are placed on or near offending trees and bushes. This will be followed by a letter requesting that the property owner prune back the trees. Some people don’t get around to doing this, only to find Western Power send their own contractors around at minimum cost of about $430 - which can be exorbitant when you consider they will only prune the minimum amount.

It is much more cost effective to engage a local tree contractor for a competitive quote to trim trees near power lines. You can also request they prune a little more heavily, so the trees wont grow near the lines again for two or three years. Home owners should ensure the contractor is qualified, and certified to prune trees in proximity to Western Power assets: “For safety reasons, tree pruning near power lines should only be carried out by competent vegetation control people … When engaging a contractor to control vegetation around power lines, it is important to check they have the skills and knowledge to carry out the work.”

Do you have a yellow tag on your fence or attached to a tree? Call one of the Western Power certified arborists at Branching Out Tree Care or contact us online to request a free quote for tree trimming near power lines.