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New Arborist Licences


Arboriculture Australia has developed and are now launching the Australian Arborist Industry Licence. It seeks to have our industry regulated in much the same way as plumbers, electricians, and crane operators.

The aim of this regulation is to prevent unqualified “cowboys” from damaging the reputation of the Arboriculture industry by removing or valuable trees or damaging them by using poor pruning techniques. The licence category will reflect the level of expertise the arborist has in the profession, and is being implemented for several reasons.

* To promote greater public awareness of trained and qualified professionals working in the tree industry.
* To ensure tree work and advice is completed in accordance with all relevant Australian and international standards.
* To confirm that the arborist being engaged for consultancy or tree work has had their qualifications vetted by an impartial professional third party.
* To ensure the arborist being engaged has a Construction Induction Card.

This in turn will achieve the long-term goals of maintaining, conserving and protecting plants and ecosystems in Australia.

Click here to download the information brochure.