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Storm Damaged Trees - Leave it to the Experts


Many of us read news stories with tragic events relating to storm damaged trees. Whether it is tree branches falling on top of people, or freak accidents involving trees under pressure, it is important to be aware of the risks and avoid these situations happening you or your loved ones.

A 12 year old boy in Tasmania was severely injured last year when a fallen tree suddenly stood upright. He and other youngsters had been playing around the huge uprooted base of the tree when it unexpectedly righted itself and crushed him. Suffering from a broken femur, eight broken ribs, two collapsed lungs and a squashed heart, he is still recovering five months later and required a complete reconstruction of his airway.

If you have a storm damaged tree or fallen branches, it is important to exclude all people and pets from the area and call your local tree service professionals (or the SES). While fallen trees may be a fascinating sight, they could be more dangerous than they look. A qualified arborist will need to assess the tree and ensure that tree parts under tension are made safe before the repair can commence.

The arborist will also be able to determine whether the damaged parts of the tree remaining are stable. Some damaged trees are able to be retained with the unsafe parts pruned, and can remain aesthetically pleasing. However if a tree trunk is snapped off in the middle, it is usually a good idea to remove the tree's remaining parts.

Our arborists work with several large insurance building firms and have extensive experience in making storm damaged trees safe. We also offer an emergency tree removal service. Call our friendly team today for a free quote and please leave dangerous trees to the experts.